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Securitization of assets from renewable energy solar projects.

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Here is the project portfolio which are for securitization from MWh.Solar.

SPP Stragovo

Installed capacity : 1,990 kW

CAPEX : 1,138,500 EUR

Loan required : 780,000 EUR

Base rate : 3.8 % annual

Years : 10

SPP Garnikovo

Installed capacity : 995 kW

CAPEX : 580,500 EUR

Loan required : 405,000 EUR

Base rate : 3.8 % annual

Years : 10

SPP Miravci

Installed capacity : 5,500 kW

CAPEX : 2,980,000 EUR

Loan required : 2,086,000 EUR

Base rate : 3.8 % annual

Years : 10


Our formal legal documents and prospectus will be available soon please register on investors page to be informed when they will be available. In short brief these documents will referred to as the Security Token Offering (STO) and they are invitation to acquire funds for the MWh.Solar projects referred to as the ‘Business’ in exchange of base interest to securitized load. Each Applicant who subscribes for security token under this security token offering (STO), for no additional consideration, will be issued security token to the Applicant.

Road Map of the project

Project described under Prospectus already got far enought to the stage that is ready to build. Road to develop and put in operational renewable solar energy project is difficult but achievable with good planning and persistence to achieve that goal.


Our partners evaluate the ‘Business’ presented by MWh.Solar. We select few organizations to be at the centre of these incredible moments and take as much care in curating our partners as we do with our investors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), please read our legal documents and prospectus, and if you have any additional question please reach us on our social channels.

MWh.Solar is SPV company which possess land and construction permit for building Solar Parks with 10 MW installed capacity. MWh Solar also is first company that go through proccess of securitization with blockchain fintech technology together with our partner
After reading and understanding our legal documents and prospectus you can invest in MWh.Solar company through our partner platform
When you invest in MWh.Solar, and if we reach our goal cap of funds you will get security token which will represent asset from Solar Park Vitac and will have right for distribution of dividend, or if we don't reach our goal of raising funds, your investment will be returned.
Because MWh.Solar raising funds with securitization, the dividend is distributed to every investor percentualy of their investment from our profit.
Please read sectiont Risks in our legal documents and prospectus but in short answer, because the MWh.Solar already possess land, construction permit and connection grid agreement the risks are reduced to a minimum.

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